Tourism is culture

The activity that follows the archaeological excavation and that of research/study of the historical sources, is that of the tourist promotion of an important cultural heritage of Le Marche territory. Therefore, specific skills come to play such as the knowledge of the foreign languages, of territorial marketing, of planning promotional strategies on the territory and abroad in order to make this site known to an increasing number of people.

The workshop entails two phases:

In the first theoretical phase, which takes place in classroom, the archaeologist will show the archaeological site of La Cuma, the archaeological excavation, the role of this type of site with a plan of territorial promotion, and on the current tourist flows in the area.

This is followed by a guided tour of the site, and the writing of a text of presentation of the site in the main European languages (in suitable didactic classrooms). The students, who will work in distinct groups based on the chosen languages, will then return to the site and discuss the work written in the foreign language as a real tour guide dealing with foreign visitors.

Preferably intended for students from foreign language high schools and tourism institutes but also for hospitality institutions that train professionals in the field of tourist reception and hotel hospitality.

Duration: 4 hours (visit of the archaeological site, workshop in didactic classroom, break).