Surveying and revealing

An essential part of an archaeological excavation is that of the survey of the discovered structures, the axonometric projection of them, and the mapping. The survey is the integrated part of the report to be produced in an excavation, and from the survey we can proceed to reconstruct the map and the elevations of the building of which the excavation highlights the remains in a fragmented way.

The workshop entails two phases:

In the first theoretical phase, which will take place in classroom, the archaeologist will show the archaeological site of La Cuma, the archaeological excavation, the excavation methodologies applied and the graphic documentation that is produced in an archaeological site.

The second phase, which takes place in the site, entails, after the guided tour of the site, the survey of the main structures of the area: buildings, columns, walls of different typology and size, and it can continue with a third phase in classroom (to agree with the teacher) to examine in dept the results from the perspective of the graphic restitution of the maps.

Preferably intended for students from technical and artistic institute (architecture), surveyors or even for secondary school classes appropriately calibrated with the teacher.

Duration: 3 hours (visit of the archaeological site, workshop, break).