Wonderful ruins

Over the centuries the archaeological sites, which have been always fascinating and attractive places, have been privileged destination of artists, poets, composers, and intellectuals who, especially during the Romantic period, have left enchanting views and memorable glimpses of archaeological landscapes portrayed in various artistic techniques.

By going through the atmospheres of the Grand Tour of 18th century, this workshop proposes the archaeological landscape in Monte Rinaldo, the Roman sanctuary immersed in Le Marche region’s countryside, as location to do freehand drawings and watercolor or tempera paintings. The workshop entails only one phase, the guided tour of the archaeological site and the creation of drawings or paintings by the students in some areas of the site chosen by them. The works of art will be object of an annual exhibition that will take place in the site during Cumateatro, a theatre festival of schools.

Preferably intended for artistic high schools and institutions but also for schools of art and students from secondary schools.

Duration: 4 hours (visit of the archaeological site, workshop, break).